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  • ABOUT US :-


                 Shri Sanskar Sarita Shikshan Samiti is formed by the joint efforts of Shri Surendra Shukla (Renowned Advocate and Sparkling Personality) Shri Rajendra Shulka, (Electrical Engineer) Shri G.V.Rao, Shri Ashish Singh laid down the stone to form the educational society.

                  As a guardian member of the Society Late. Shri R.D. Shukla (Retd. Lecturer DIET) had given entitle “The Royal Heritage English School”  to the educational institution with presenting his aim and object towards the institution “ Modification in Behavior is Education ” In his words Education is not the amount of information that put us into one’s brain. Character is life building of man kind. One can purchase everything but not the character. So we should have to adhere character and education in one.


          The Royal heritage English school is doing hardship to provide quality education to produce would be citizen with poise and confidence, who would be royal and loyal, patriotic, have the courage of conviction, know the dignity of labour, are humble in victory and graceful in defeat and are conscious of his heritage and culture.




            The Royal Heritage English School is run by Shri Sanskar Sarita Shikshan Samiti – under the guidance of Shri Surendra Shukla (govt.advocate) and parents guardian Smt. Urmila Shukla. The Sensitive and vigil management always proficiently assisting to the hon”ble Principal and Teacher’s staff.


  • STAFF:-
  •                 The institution strength lies in its Eminent faculties who are well qualified , dedicated , experienced , humble and well behaved . The entire staff is committed for forever character and carrier building of the students which help them to become as a responsible citizen. Above of all the entire staff is familiar to students and understand the chilled nature and help them to solve there problems which are either related to studies or personnel.




                  The Royal Heritage English School is located  at the out skirt of the crowed of the cityat BHATERA WILLAGE approx.2.5 Kilometers Bus Stand towards Samanapur..  From all parts of the city one can approach the school with out any difficulty.




               The school is following the C.B.S.E. pattern according to the N.C.E.R.T. guidelines up to Middle School, and M.P. Board in High School and Higher Secondory level. In coming year’s school will go ahead to get C.B.S.E. affiliation up to Higher Secondary level.




                   Regular health check – up are conducted for the students and regular health chart is being maintained by the school through the team of the doctors visiting the school. Time to time Yoga $ Meditation classes are conducted by Experts. Regular health tips and Diet counseling is performed by Physician and Nutrition experts.




                     The students are encouraged and inspired to be constructive in their recreation through educational program. At every Saturday various competitions like academic, cultural, General knowledge and science Quizzes, art $ craft are performed to nourish the hidden talent of students. Advanced digital classes from erudite and I can “e” classes systems by MEXUS are equipped in most of the classrooms.

                     Regular Music, Dance, Art $ Craft classes are taken and special classes are also conducted for special students, who are interested in classical Music $ Dance. It is a matter of proud to mention that our students are performing excellent in district, Divisional State $ National level competitions, especially in Dances, Singing (individual $ group levels)Sports and in Dramas.

                   Our school was the only school of Balaghat district which  invited to participate I a state level quiz competition conducted by whorled famous LIMCA BOOK OF WORLED RECORDS . Fun fair is also conducted once in year at the time off second general parents meeting to provide an opportunity to exhibit there commercial & cooking talent.




               Sports help a person to develop team spirit, to take failures in one’s stride and learn never to give up in any situation. So school pays to lead to each and every student to engage in sports activities and drills.


        Students are divided into four houses having with group leaders. The following activities are conducted to boost up the personality and level of competency of the students.

  • G.K. & Science quiz contest.
  • Sports and games competition.
  • Cultural & academic activities.

The students are encouraged to play and participate various outdoors games like Football , Basketball , Badminton , Cricket , Hockey , Kho-Kho , Kabaddi ,  Judo , Kungfoo , Karate and other Athletics activities and for this purpose special coachings are arranged for interested students . The school also feels proud to mention that some students have represented at State and National levels in Basketball, Hockey and Cricket.




                         As computers are indispensable to the world as academic and commerce. The school inspires its students friendly with computers at the gross root level.( From the Std. 1st onwards) . Separate and advanced computer labs are established for Senior and Junior students.


We conduct a Level Tests series, class test series and oral test series for the proper assesment and imrovement of students.